Sworn translation Service

 Sworn Translator Service English Spanish

Sworn translation Service

Sworn translation Service in Spain

Translation Agency (ST) offers its translation service with fast management, quality at competitive prices.
Our translation company has offices in Valencia and Madrid, where we attend to and also manage your orders for sworn, certified, technical or specialised translations.
We deliver sworn translations to your home anywhere in Spain.

Sworn translations for companies

Sworn translators certified by the Spanish Minister of Foreign Affairs.

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At ST translation company we work to provide the best service to Spanish and foreign companies, whether they are SMEs or large multinationals operating in an international environment. Globalisation and technology allow companies to increasingly expand their services or product marketing between different countries. We provide communication support in different languages and in different media, both physical and digital. Our clients range from medical or pharmaceutical translations, legal translations, advertising translations to translations for different branches of engineering.

Sworn translations for professionals, students and persons

We send your sworn translations free of charge to Madrid, Valencia, Barcelona or anywhere else in the country.
Official sworn translation service for personal documents such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, family certificates, as well as documents issued by universities, schools, such as university degrees, academic transcripts, high school diplomas.
If you need a sworn English translator to translate a document from English to Spanish or Spanish to English, we are here to help you. At our translation agency, we can quickly solve your urgent sworn translation needs in the English-Spanish language. All you have to do is send us the document to our email address and we will provide you with a quote as soon as possible. Contact us.

Sworn translator. Other languages

A sworn translator is a professional who has been certified and authorized by the MAEC to provide legally binding translations. Our team of sworn translators is qualified to translate a variety of languages to meet your legal translation needs.

Sworn Translation Service – English Spanish

Sworn translations refer to translations that have been officially certified as accurate and true by a professional translator. Here are some examples of documents that may require sworn translation:

  • Legal documents, such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, and divorce decrees
  • Educational documents, such as transcripts and diplomas
  • Medical records and documents related to health insurance
  • Passports and other official government documents
  • Immigration documents, such as visas and green cards
  • Financial documents, such as bank statements and tax returns
  • Business contracts and agreements

Sworn Interpreting Services

Spanish - English Sworn Interpreters

Sworn English-Spanish interpreters

Language interpreting services in companies, conferences and also for personal matters. The best Sworn English-Spanish interpreters for your business meeting or international training.

Our sworn interpreter services in Spain offer high-quality, accurate interpretation in a variety of settings. Whether you need an interpreter for a business meeting, a legal proceeding, a medical appointment, or any other occasion, we have the expertise and experience to provide you with the language support you need. Our team of sworn interpreters is fully qualified and has a deep understanding of the cultural nuances that are essential to effective communication. We work with a wide range of languages, ensuring that we can meet the needs of clients from diverse backgrounds. With our interpreter services, you can communicate confidently and effectively, knowing that you have the support of a professional and experienced team. Contact us today to learn more about our interpreter services and how we can help you achieve your language goals in Spain.

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